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Insights and engagement through 1CP*


Integrated lifecycle Experience for the end customer 


Why 1CP - The Unique Customer Profile

Do you have a 360 view of your customer?  If you believe you do, do you know your customer activity across channels? Or are you basing all your targetting and customer intimacy programs on a Slice of your customer?

It is not a surprise that brands, retailers and e-commerce companies don’t have a 360 view of their customer.Campaigns and recommendations cannot target customers accurately. 

  • Omni channel strategies fail as they cannot correlate across shopping and interaction channels.

  • The spray and pray approach leads to billions in ineffective campaigns

  • Very high customer acquisition and retention costs

  • N=1 personalization is still a distant dream and exists in a silo

  • Recommendations and advertisements are generic and not contextual

At Seventeen91 Inc,  we believe that this problem is but a different side of a coin. Your end customers too have a similar problem in tracking all their purchases in a single place across the lifecycle of ownership.


We are approaching this problem holistically through our unique and comprehensive solution which enables us to create 1CP - the unique customer profile that is accessible to you to help you realise your ROI and achieve greater success in your customer intimacy initiatives.

1CP is a result of our ability to service your end customers through a single app v0ri that serves as a locker for all their purchases and our AI based solution glockr which offers brands, retailers and e-commerce companies the ability to query and refine their recommendations and other targeting initiatives based on the unique customer profile we create and maintain.


Our AI powered conversational app helps end consumers organize their lives around their products

Play with v0ri and be at peace with your life.


glockr collects customer purchase information across channels and uses its unique algorithm to create a unified customer profile (1CP) across brands

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How does this work?

For you as an End Customer

Stores all your purchases in a single place

Accesses your data through 

  • Web

  • Mobile

  • conversational products like Alexa, Siri, Cortana

  • Chat interfaces like FB, Whatsapp


Gets immediate access to data when needed – no searching around in old files and drawers


Gets customized, contextual and relevant recommendations on the chosen interface based on 1CP and intent.


Enables transactions directly with the ecosystem players from within the chosen interface


Single point of interface with multiple brands

For you as a business

APIs that allow brands to query 1CP before targeting customers with dynamic and N=1 personalized offers. 


Subscribe to triggers based on customer purchase intent to push real-time personalized offers. 


Push notifications platform for companies to bid for recommendation slots on the customer app/interface – based on intent and context.


Ecommerce players can enhance their recommendations to be more specific to the user and the intent. (show some examples)